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Table Topics Speech Contest

With the Toastmasters Table Topics Contest just around the corner and plenty of other contests and storytelling opportunities nationwide, this is a good time to brush up on this quintessentially American art form. This is an excellent opportunity to brush up on your impromptu questions and answers. Table Topics is also an excellent opportunity to improve in your interviewing skills. You can read more about the contests on the Toastmasters International website: Toastmasters International

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At the back of the rule book is a list of all the forms you will need for each contest.
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For easy reference: below I have copied passages from the rulebook relating to the Table Topics contest:
  1. The subject of Table Topics speeches shall be determined by the contest chair, as outlined in the Table Topics Contest section of this rulebook.
  2. Table Topics contest speeches shall be from one minute to two minutes. A contestant will be disqualified if the speech is less than one minute or more than two minutes 30 seconds.
  3. For Table Topics contests:
1. a) The green signal will be displayed at one minute and remain displayed for 30 seconds.
2. b) The yellow signal will be displayed at one minute 30 seconds and remain displayed for 30 seconds.
3. c) The red signal will be displayed at two minutes and remain displayed until the speech is concluded.
4. The Table Topics Contest follows all rules outlined in the General Rules section of this rulebook. In addition, the following additions and exceptions apply.
1. All contestants shall receive the same topic, which shall be of a general nature.
5. The topic is selected by the contest chair.
1. The topic shall be of reasonable length, shall not require a detailed knowledge, and shall lead to an opinion or conclusion.
2. Contestants will receive no advance knowledge of the topic until the moment they are introduced by the contest chair.
3. Contestants may not use digital or other devices during the contest to gain an unfair advantage.
4. When the contest begins, all contestants except the first shall leave the room and remain under the supervision of the contest sergeant at arms.
5. Introduce each contestant by announcing the contestant’s name, the topic, the topic, the contestant’s name.
6. At the conclusion of each speech, the next speaker shall be invited into the room.

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