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Why You Should Be A Speech Contest Official

Have you ever thought about being a speech contest official and for one reason or another, decided against it? Why? Was it because you didn’t know what was involved? Or because you felt that someone else would be better at it? Maybe you just didn’t feel up to it. Whatever the reason, you decided that it wasn’t the right time for you. So you waited and the next contest cycle came up and again, you thought about all of the reasons for not being an official. Well, here are some reasons why you’d be the perfect choice for a speech contest official!

It’s Fun!

Being a speech contest official is fun and exciting. You get to put all the great evaluating and listening skills you’ve learned in your club to use. You determine which contestant is the best to represent your club, area, division or district at the next level of the contest. By being an official, you can make sure that your club, area, division, and district have the best people for the job throughout the entire contest cycle.

It Fulfills CL Manual Requirements

Did you know that being the chief judge for a club contest could actually fulfill a project requirement in the Competent Leadership manual? That’s right. Acting as a chief judge fulfills the “Help Organize a Club Speech Contest” project. So, not only can you be more involved in the organization, having a great time, but you can get credit for it.

We Need You

There are over 12,000 Toastmasters clubs worldwide, each of which has the option to hold a speech contest. Each of these contests would need at least five judges, one chief judge, one tiebreaking judge, three counters and two timers. That means over 144,000 members are needed each year, just for the club level of the International Contest!

All speech contest officials at the International Convention in August will receive one ticket to the contest in which they are officiating. They will also each receive a portfolio and pen.

So think about it! Maybe this is the year for you to step up and start getting involved in speech contests.

Below are the materials you will need as a chief judge

How to organize a contest

1183 Speaker Certification Eligibility Originality

Contestant Bio

Speech Contest Certificate 1st Place

Speech Contest Certificate 2nd Place

Speech Contest Certificate 3rd Place

Judge Certification of Eligiblity Ethics

Speech Contest Rulebook 2017

Time Record Sheet

Tall Tales Speech Contest Ballot

Tiebreaking Tall Tales Contest Ballot

International Speech Contest Ballot

International Tie Breaking Speech Contest Ballot

Humorous Speech Contest Ballot

Humorous Tie Breaking Speech Contest Ballot

Evaluation Speech Contest Ballot Evaluation Tie Breaking Speech Contest Ballot

Table Topics Speech Contest Ballot

Table Topics Tie Breaking Speech Contest Ballot

Speech Contest Certificate Participation

Counters Tally Sheet

Notification of Winner Photo Release Form
Video Release Form Table Topics Rules
Certificate of Participation

Grace Rachow and the TableTopics Contest

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