Clubs within Areas

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Area clubs of Division B District 33 Toastmasters

Area B1: Danielle Bacon-Anthony

1224 Sandpiper Toastmasters club
2253 Vibrant Voices
7256 Ocean View Toastmasters
7352 Humor and Drama Club
3919454 Elite Toastmasters

Area B2: Mary Ann Pham

879 Au Jus Toastmasters
1075 Point Mugu Toastmasters
2224 Los Amigos Toastmasters
8400 Toastmasters X-L
9433 County Communicators
2299061 Ventura County Master Communicators

 Area B3: Paul Kistler

947 Camarillo Evening Club
2858 Channel Islands Club
9427 Fair Winds Club
1192871 VC Star Toastmasters
3403680 Real Talk
 5947588 Club SSI (Successful Speaking Introverts)  

Area B4: Mark Lager, DTM

5575 Ventura Sunrise Toastmasters
1196181 County Speak Toastmasters
1447568 Ventura PowerPoint Toastmasters
5446704 Patagonia Toastmasters
5570391 Padre Serra Toastmasters

Area B5: Paul Faust

800498 Poinsettia Toastmasters
4717 Ojai Valley Toastmasters
24 Ventura Toastmasters
1810140 Oak View Speak With Power Toastmasters