Clubs within Areas

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Area clubs of Division B District 33 Toastmasters

Area B1: Danielle Bacon-Anthony, ACS, CL

1224 Sandpiper Toastmasters club
2253 Vibrant Voices
7256 Ocean View Toastmasters
7352 Humor and Drama Club
3919454 Elite Toastmasters

Area B2: Mary Ann Pham

879 Au Jus Toastmasters
1075 Point Mugu Toastmasters
2224 Los Amigos Toastmasters
8400 Toastmasters X-L
9433 County Communicators
2299061 Ventura County Master Communicators

Area B3: Paul Kistler, ACS, ALB 

947 Camarillo Evening Club
2858 Channel Islands Club
9427 Fair Winds Club
1192871 Rising Stars Toastmasters
3403680 Real Talk
 5947588 Club SSI (Successful Speaking Introverts)  

Area B4: Mark Lager, DTM

5575 Ventura Sunrise Toastmasters
1196181 County Speak Toastmasters
1447568 Ventura PowerPoint Toastmasters
5446704 Patagonia Toastmasters
5570391 Padre Serra Toastmasters

Area B5: Paul Faust, ACS, ALB

800498 Poinsettia Toastmasters
4717 Ojai Valley Toastmasters
24 Ventura Toastmasters
6609333 Ventura Chamber Toastmasters
#1810140    Ojai Evening Toastmasters