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2019 – 2020 Division B Director


Division Theme: “PR & Membership Growth”

Danielle Bacon-Anthony, ACG, ALB


I was born and raised in the beautiful beach town of San Clemente, CA. I am a baby nurse and a mother of twin boys! I have been in Toastmasters for 5 years and I feel privileged to be serving as your Division B Director 2019-2020!
My theme for Division B is to encourage clubs to strengthen their toastmasters skills in “PR and Membership Growth“. Many of our clubs would benefit greatly with a membership drive directed and tailored  toward the 20 to 50 year old population. Advertising via LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and by using blog-write ups are very effective avenues to use. Feel free to contact me for assistance.

Division B Area Directors

Area B1 Director
Tan Pham, CC, CL
Area B2 Director
Mark Frankcom, CC 

Area B3 Director
Lynn Nguyen, IP2 
Area B4 Director
Brenda Terzian, CC
Area B5 Director
Jeanne Munesato, DTM

To view the clubs that each Area Director is responsible for, go to: Clubs Within Areas

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